[KPOP] Fanclub Names?

Just for fun. ^^

 In the k-pop world, each group has their own fanclub name. So what tag would you be? Have fun combining names together like i do XD

*If a name is missing please tell me!

 *I’m still trying to find all the meanings. ^^


2PM – Hottest

Meaning:  it represents that the group is passionate and active. There are a lot of different meanings behind the name. There is the hidden meaning of hot and passionate artist** Also, the seven letters in the word represent each member.

2AM – I Am


2NE1 – BlackJack

Meaning: Play on the popular card game as well as the name of 2NE1 (21 is the highest score in blackjack).

After School – Play Girlz


A’ST1 – Eunice [Disbanded]

Meaning: Eunice is the Latinized form of the Greek name Eunike, composed of the elements eu (’well, good, fair’) and nike (’victory’) …which is probably a reference to A’st1 goal : Being the first star in Asia

Big Bang – V.I.P

Meaning: V.I.P. is short for ‘Very Important Person’

B2ST/BEAST – B2uty

Meaning:  In Korean, the number two is pronounced as an “E,” thus giving us BEAUTY. Plays on the popular disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.

BoA – Jumping BoA


Brown Eyed Girls – Everlasting


CSJH – Shapley


DBSK – Cassiopeia

Meaning: ‘Cassopeia’ is the name of the constellation of 5 stars that shine brightly in the sky Just like the name, the five members of Dong Bang Shinki  shine brightly just like the stars do.

Epik High – High Skool


FT Island – Primadonna

Meaning: FT Island’s first album’s song title is called ‘prima donna’. It also means that the fans are the heroines of their life.

H.O.T. – White Angels


Jewelry – Jewelry Box


KARA – Kamilia

Meaning: Kara means “sweet melody” in Greek. Kamilia  is formed from Kara + Familia.

Lee SeungGi – Airen



Meaning: All members are ‘A’ blood type, and the plus is meaning the fans, merging the fans and MBLAQ together. Also, A+ is the best score, it is hoped that MBLAQ will become the best.

Se7en – Lucky 7

Meaning: The number seven is known to be concidered lucky.

SHINee – SHINee World

Meaning: ‘Shinee World’ =‘Shining Land’! A name that’s filled with a lot of spirit.

Shinhwa – Shinhwa Changjo

Meaning: Always creating a new legend.

SNSD – S♥NE (Sowon)


SS501 – Triple S

Meaning: Until the day they become Super Stars, all 5 members will be one forever which is how they made the name SS501. They added another S to the ‘SS’ which stands for ‘supporter’ and put together gives 3 S’s.

Super Junior – E.L.F

Meaning: Ever Lasting Friends.

T-Max – Mighty Max


U-KISS – Kiss Me


Wonder Girls – Wonderful


8 Responses

  1. i am a ELF,V.I.P, blackjack,wonderful,kiss me, and b2uty ❤

    so i guess it would be called E.VI.B.W.K.B.

  2. KISSME because IAM a B2UTYful PRIMADONNA ELF living in a SHINEEWORLD 😀
    and i would include SONE but, idk what it means ._.

  3. weiii!! ehehhe! 🙂 ^_^ sone 4ever! shinee world & E.L.F!
    i love those 3 ^_^ 🙂

  4. Iam V.I.P, Blackjack and A+!!!!!! ❤ ❤

  5. I Am E.L.F SHINee World And V.I.P

  6. And Blackjack

  7. What About Block B And NU’EST???????

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