[JROCK] Spazz Post: ViViD


From Left To Right: Ryoga, IV, Shin, Ko-Ki, Reno.



Name: Shin
Position: Vocal
Blood Type: B
Birthday: September 4
Ex-member of: Rhyolite, Akihabara Shounen Dan Romeo
Blog: http://www.ameblo.jp/vivid-shin

Name: Reno
Position: Leader & Guitar
Blood Type: A
Birthday: June 4
Ex-member of: NoveLis
Blog: http://ameblo.jp/vivid-reno

Name: Ryoga
Position: Guitar
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: November 22
Blog: http://ameblo.jp/vivid-ryoga

Name: IV
Position: Bass
Blood Type: A
Birthday: Febuary 16
Ex-member of: Kisnate
Blog: http://ameblo.jp/vivid-IV

Name: Ko-Ki
Position: Crazy Drums / DJ
Blood Type: O
Birthday: May 1
Ex-member of: NoveLis
Blog: http://ameblo.jp/vivid-ko-ki

OHP – http://www.indie-psc.com/vivid/




Across The Border

EEEEP!!! i officially heart ViViD!!! Can’t beleive i’m just now finding out about them! Shin is hot <3. He really reminds me of a guy that i know at my school. 😀

3 Responses

  1. omg im soo in love with vivid right now nnn i too jus found out about them i doo believe that mi fave member at the time is ko-ki

  2. I love your group and I love your music and wonderful and I like it sees the shin and I love that you discussed this with my msn chaimaejali@live.fr
    Lire phonétiquement

  3. I love this band

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