[KPOP] Kim JongKook’s ‘Can’t Forget’ is Also Plagiarized?

Just one week after his comeback, Kim JongGook has been faced with plagiarism accusations.

His sixth official album was released approximately after fifteen months of break, and many listeners of the album stated that the song “Can’t Forget” sounds very similar to Usher’s “Love In This Club.”

The reason Kim JongGook’s accusations are a big issue is that Kim DoHoon, the composer of CNBlue’s song, “I’m a Loner,” participated in Kim JongGook’s song as well.

Kim DoHoon is currently in a lawsuit with YNot? due to CNBlue’s plagiarism. This composer has also created songs like Lee SeungKi’s “Let’s Break Up,” SG Wanna Be’s “Crime and Punishment,” and Davichi’s “8282,” which all has been involved in plagiarism accusations. So is it the composer’s fault?

cr: omgkpop

Compare the two songs under the cut!

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