[KPOP] SBS Inkigayo August 1st, 2010 — Who is the winner?

Congrats Miss A! Good Giiiiirl~ Bad Giiiiirl~ :]

Scary rookie group Miss A wins today on the Augest 1st, 2010 episode of SBS Inkigayo. Other performances include : Se7en, TaeYang, SHINee, G.NA, Son DamBi, Narsha, and more!!

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I’m Back! :D

So, after an unannounced hiatus, your lovely author is back 🙂

i’ll do some updates, then get started on the news right away!

[JROCK] Spazz Post: ViViD


From Left To Right: Ryoga, IV, Shin, Ko-Ki, Reno.


[KPOP] T-ARA to Debut in Japan!

But they didn’t even debut in Korea that long ago T_T. But on the brightside, more interactions with Supernova!

Six-member girl group T-ara will be making their Japanese debut in March, according to their agency Core Contents Media on Tuesday.

The girls will fly into Japan on Sunday for a five-day stay during which they are scheduled to hold a press conference regarding their single album as well as shoot a commercial with boy band Supernova.

Both K-pop idols were cast for the commercial by a company in the restaurant business, said to be highly popular amongst youngsters, which holds numerous chains throughout Japan.

Core Contents Media said the singing groups will each receive a minimum guarantee of one billion won, equivalent to about 87 thousand dollars.

T-ara made their debut last year with a song for the soundtrack of MBC drama “Cinderella Man.” The girls then released their debut single “Lies.”

The girls and boy band Supernova had collaborated on the digital single “TTL (Time to Love)” and “TTL Listen 2″ which topped music charts during the latter half of last year.

T-ara took their first solo win with “Bo Peep Bo Peep” from their first full-length album early this year, taking the top awards on music programs by Korea’s major broadcasters.

Cr: asiae.co.kr

[KPOP] After School Comeback in March!

OMG seriously? March and April are gonna be crazy months. But seeing as After School is my favorite girl group, i’m seriously looking forward to it!

After School’s leader Park Kahi, recently had an interview with ISPLUS and it was revealed that towards the end of this month, Kahi will be cutting down on variety show appearances to prepare for After School’s upcoming mini-album.

In addition, After School who was awarded the title of K-pop’s rookie of the year at the Billboard Japan Music Awards back in January, has plans to enter the surrounding Asian markets.

Park Kahi stated:

“I realized we have a lot more overseas fans than we thought. The goal this year is to bring After School overseas. Once we achieve that goal, I plan to enter various fields. Writing and composing, even producing music, I want to jump into those fields. As for acting? Of course. In about 3 more years, I should be able to. Anyway, I’ll be showing lots of growth and experience.”

SNSD, T-ara, KARA and now After School… the new year is starting off with a Big Bang!

cr: Allkpop

[KPOP] New Addition to the ‘Battle of the Idol Groups’ ; ZE:A

Wow, any other comebacks? 😀 But MBLAQ is comming back with a new album in April? o.o I can’t beleive i’m just now hearing about this >.<

Children of Empire (ZE:A) ended their debut song’s “Mazeltov” promotions on the music programs last weekend and they’re currently working on the new song.

ZE:A’s agency representative said: “New songs are being recorded now. For the time being we’re concentrating on recording and in March new song and concept will be introduced .”

ZE:A debuted in 2010, although the group was supposed to debut in 2009 together with BEAST and MBLAQ . However, they were already known from Mnet’s “Children of Empire” reality show. They also performed 50 guerilla concerts, during which they improved their skills on stage.

In addition, as soon as they debuted they appeared in mobile phone CF, gaining a lot of popularity.

With ZE:A’s new song, BEAST’s announced comeback and MBLAQ’s new album in April, we can expect a fierce male idol group battle in the upcoming two months.

[KPOP] T-ARA ‘I Go Crazy Because of You’ Full Track Released!

Actually, it sounds a lot like ‘If U Seek Amy’ / ‘Womanizer’  by Britney Spears to me… But it’s the type of song that gets stuck in my head after a while. I like ‘I’m Really Hurt’ better. And i love their style now! especially their rings. ^^


The title song for T-ARA’s first repackaged album ‘Braking Heart’ has been reviled! Along with new song ‘I’m Really Hurt.’

‘Crazy Because of You’ is a dance song which was written by WheeSung and composed by hit maker Jo YoungSoo. They will have 12 back dancers for their unique choreography.

MV Teasers, Photos, and ‘I’m Really Hurt’ under the cut!

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