[KPOP] MBLAQ Mir “My Heart Flutters When I See…”

lol oh wow Mir. xD Obsessive fan much? Aw, but it’s cute. ^^ And Danny Ahn is really handsome. 😀

Some G.O.D MV’s under the cut. xD

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[KPOP] Netizens Acuse CN Blue of More Plagiarism

OMG seriously? Netizens went way too far with this one (like many other times). ‘Y, Why…’ came out on their second Japanese mini album on November 25th, 2009. Like they were really planning on copying YNot all the way back then. >.< I feel sorry for them. T_T

Only hours have past since the album-title controversy has surfaced over the web, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better. Well this time, it’s a song title.

After discovering the shocking similarities between the two titles between Bluetory and Blue Bird by CNBLUE and Ynot, various netizens have brought up another accusation against FNC Music, CNBLUE’s agency. The third song of CNBLUe’s Bluetory album is entitled Y, Why…. Coincidentally or not, ‘Ynot’ and ‘Y, Why…’ not only both include the letter Y in the title, but they are used identically to define the word ‘Why’. Neither side of the conflict has yet to bring up any statements toward this accusation.

In my opinion, the number of plagiarism accusations that have been made regarding these two fellow indie bands is becoming ridiculous. Although it’s pretty common for artists to condense a word into a single letter (for example, U Got It Bad by Usher) to bring out the crafty effect in their titles, after being pointed out for numerous other “coincidences” CNBLUE had in relations to Ynot, no excuses seem like they will get FNC Music out of trouble now.

It’s disappointing to see such a talented band getting swamped by issues with their company that have nothing to do with the members’ talents. Do you think this accusation was taking it a step too far or are the netizens on to something this time?

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[KPOP] Welcome MC Sulli!

f(x) member Sulli did a special dance stage on SBS Inkigayo on February 7th. This was for her new position as MC for the show along with 2PM TaecYeon and WooYoung. It was said that Sulli was chosen for her bright and adorable personality.

She incorporated Kpop hit dances such as ‘Oh!’ and ‘Genie’ by SNSD, ‘Sorry Sorry’ by Super Junior, ‘Ring Ding Dong’ by SHINee, ‘Abracadabra’ by the Brown Eyed Girls, ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ by T-ARA, ‘Mister’ by KARA, ‘Again and Again’ by 2PM, ‘Because of You’ by After School, etc. Along with her own groups songs ‘Chu’ and ‘La chA TA’.

MC cuts are under the cut!

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[KPOP] 2AM Wins First Mutizen Award Since Debut!

2Am’s debut was July 11, 2008. They have been quite popular since their debut as part of ‘Oneday’ along with 2PM. Along with brother group 2PM, 2AM’s popularity is on the rise! That was proven to be true today when they won their first ever award on a music show 1 year and 7 months into their debut!

Currently promoting their comeback song ‘Can’t Let You Go Even if I Die’, 2AM beat out singers like SNSD, Kim JongKook, Gavy NJ, CN Blue, along with others.

Performance under the cut!

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[KPOP] T-ARA Is a Disgrace at a Recent Event?

Well, the outfits were kinda… eh.. and the dancing to ‘Like the First Time’…. well, it’s not like they had any other choice but to perform the song and wear the outfits… but they still could’ve gotten the name right… ah i’m a biased fan >.

Girlgroup T-ara is said to have been a disgrace for saying the wrong things and wearing over-revealing clothes at a volleyball court recently.

NH Agricultural Association 2009∼2010 V League men and women’s all star match opened on 7th February in Seoul JangChung Gym. With the best volleyball players coming together in one place, T-ara was invited to do the congratulatory performance that day.

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[KPOP] Kim JongKook’s ‘Can’t Forget’ is Also Plagiarized?

Just one week after his comeback, Kim JongGook has been faced with plagiarism accusations.

His sixth official album was released approximately after fifteen months of break, and many listeners of the album stated that the song “Can’t Forget” sounds very similar to Usher’s “Love In This Club.”

The reason Kim JongGook’s accusations are a big issue is that Kim DoHoon, the composer of CNBlue’s song, “I’m a Loner,” participated in Kim JongGook’s song as well.

Kim DoHoon is currently in a lawsuit with YNot? due to CNBlue’s plagiarism. This composer has also created songs like Lee SeungKi’s “Let’s Break Up,” SG Wanna Be’s “Crime and Punishment,” and Davichi’s “8282,” which all has been involved in plagiarism accusations. So is it the composer’s fault?

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Compare the two songs under the cut!

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[KPOP] All CN Blue members like noonas?

Aw, I’m younger than all of them. D:

The CN Blue members, who are sweeping the charts in less than 2 weeks of their debut, stated that they all prefer older women.

On the second of February at 12pm, on Choi HwaJung’s Power Time radio, the DJ asked them if they are more attracted to older or younger women to find out their personal styles, and all the members replied, “older women.”

Lee JungShin stated, “People who are younger than me I think won’t be able to lead me, so I’m a bit scared about that.” Lee JongHyun replied, “Maybe it’s because all the women I have dated until now was older, I think my ideal girl is someone sophisticated that I lean on to.”

Kang MinHyuk said, “I like noonas because I have a sister and since I don’t have that much money, I like noonas that buys me yummy things.” The leader Jung YongHwa stated, “Actually I don’t really mind older or yonger women, but I will choose older women for our teamwork.”

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