[KPOP] Battle of the Idol Groups is on!

sorry for no updates in a while T_T hopefully this makes up for it! ^^

Last year with the flood of new groups debuting, this year is the battle of the idol groups! And seeing as the cute concepts have dissapeared, they’re comming back with the matured image!

‘KARA – Lupin’

Already doing well on various charts with the title song ‘Lupin’, KARA has cameback with the detective concept!

After shaking up the music industry with their ‘butt dance’, what does girl group KARA have in store for us?

Girl group KARA released their music video for their third mini-album title track Lupin today, at 1pm (KST) through Gom TV. With this music video, they shed off their cutie image and went for a more charismatic performance. The MV took the number 1 spot on real-time charts and within 2 hours from its release, the music video had been viewed 90,000 times. At 6pm today (KST) the number of views rose to 160,000.

 With their butt dance being all the rage last year, netizens were looking forward to the new dance craze the 5 girls of KARA will bring with Lupin. There are already a few dance steps that are pointed out by fans, the hottest of them being the ‘Emergency Exit Dance’. Netizens named the dance step ‘Emergency Exit Dance’ because the choreography seemed like the girls were running and climbing a flight of stairs to exit through the emergency door.

Another choreography that caught the eyes of the netizens is the dance during the ‘Halla~ Halla~’ part of the Lupin. Moving their shoulders and stomachs, and also their chests, in a circular motion, this dance step shows the powerful and sexy image of KARA.

The netizens also love the part of the dance where Goo Hara flips her long straight hair, and the dance step where the members look like Bond girls, holding out a gun.

The track Lupin, which was released on the 17th have been performing well in the charts. On 22nd, the song was still holding the number 1 spot in Melon, Mnet.com, Dosirak, Soribada, and Monkey3.

KARA will comeback through M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo this week.

  • source:NEWSEN LINK

My openion: It reminds me somewhat of the old days when KARA was a 4 member group. ^^ I like it. The detective concept was really creative, i don’t remember it being done before. ‘Emergency Exit Dance’ LOL how do netizens come up with the names? 😀


‘T-ARA – Crazy Because of You’

The MV teaser to ‘Crazy Because of You’ from T-ARA’s repackaged album ‘Breaking Heart’ has been reveiled! Comming back with the ‘Evil Temptation’ concept, T-ARA steps up from the cutesy ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ days!

My Openion: Now this…  i love! i love anything with the school kid concept and T-ARA’s dark concept is really hot. ^^


‘SNSD – Countdown to Black Soshi’

Amidst the girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae’s domination in the Kpop circle, the comeback of group KARA will spark off some competition between the girlgroups once more.

On SBS Inkigayo aired on 21st February, the So Nyeo Shi Dae girls showed a 180 degrees transformation for their ‘Show Show Show’ performance. They had performed the song before their performance of title song ‘Oh!’ on the show that day.

As can be seen in the ‘Oh!’ MV, there was the appearance of the sexy ‘Black SoShi’ at the end of the MV. According to So Nyeo Shi Dae’s company, they will be ending their ‘Oh!’ promotions in early March, and move on with the concept of ‘Black SoShi’.

And it has been known that the MV filming for their followup hit song has completed on 18th February.

Meanwhile, So Nyeo Shi Dae has won the Mutizen award on SBS Inkigayo for the 2nd week through.

S: Newsen

cr: K Bites

My openion: I like ‘Show Show Show’ and all but i hope it’s a different song. SM will most likely make a repackaged version of the album with one or two new songs and new photos to go along with ‘Black SoShi’. But i’m looking forward to their transformation! i thought that they would comback with a more mature concept after ‘Genie’ but ‘Oh!’ was nice and all but it wasn’t what i was expecting.


‘BEAST – Comback in March with ‘Shock of the New Era”

With the news of comeback of singers like So Nyeo Shi Dae, KARA and T-ara, boygroup BEAST is also counting down to their comeback!

It has been known that BEAST has recently completed the album recording works and MV shooting, and is currently focusing on preparing for their new album release. And it has been revealed that BEAST will be back with a new shocking concept.

With that, many fans are curious just how BEAST’s new concept, hairstyles and performance will be like.

BEAST debuted in 2009 with the song ‘Bad Girl’ and also went on to promote their followup hit song ‘Mystery’ off their 1st minialbum. They were even awarded the best male newcomer award during the 19th Seoul Music Awards.

With So Nyeo Shi Dae capturing the hearts of all the oppas with ‘Oh!’, KARA coming back with the unique Lupin concept, and T-ara also coming back with the sexy concept and are said to be the ‘6 Lee Hyoris’ with the teaser video to their comeback song ‘Crazy Because Of You’ revealed – all eyes are set on BEAST on how their comeback will be.


cr: K Bites

The album list has laso been released.

비스트 (Beast) ★ 2nd Mini Album : Shock Of The New Era
Album Type: Mini Album
Release Date: 2010.03.02
Genre: Electronic, Rock, R&B, Pop, and Dance
Record Label: Cube Entertainment, Universal Music
Buy It:

Track List:

  1. Just Before Shock
  2. Shock
  3. Special
  4. 내 여자친구를 부탁해 (Say No)
  5. Easy

Beast is going to create a new trend for the year 2010 with the music genre Rocktonic.

The title song ‘Shock’ is suppose to be like listening to heavy metal. Powerful, yet exciting, rhythms blend, overly stylized and light, igniting a powerful shock.

My openion: I thought when they were wearing hats even in the game part of ‘Star Dance Battle’ that they were up to something regarding a comeback. And…Oh…Em…. GEE!!!! I’m a rocker chic at heart, and this is epic!! BEAST is my second favorite male idol group so i’m really excited. ^^


‘F.Cuz – Comeback in March as ‘Kanji Guy’

‘Model-dol’ F.cuz will be back in March as ‘kanji’ guy

Debuted in January with the song ‘Jiggy’, the 4-member group will be back in March with a different image as the cute and bright image for ‘Jiggy’.

A F.cuz rep revealed, “Recently the members are working on theirnew album and has been busy going various schedules. Their new song will be a trendy electronic song. As compared to the bright and cute image for ‘Jiggy’, their new song will have a sophisticated and strong feel. The boys will be back as ‘kanji’ guys.”
“The members are back in their practice group practising their new song after their variety and music shows and interviews. The boys are preparing a powerful choreography for the more masculine concept. But still, we make sure that the boys’ health are kept in check even though they have been working hard.”

S: Sportschosun

cr: K Bites

My Openion: Actually, F.Cuz dissapointed me with ‘Jiggy.’ i liked it, but it wasn’t what i was expecting from them. Hopefully the new song will!


Also with artists like Lee HyoRi and Son Dambi comming back, it’s exciting to see who will be on top!


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