[KPOP] BEG GaIn’s First Love Was Her High School Teacher

More competition for Kwon~. 😀

GaIn unveils her first love story in KBS 2TV ‘Sweet Night’ upcoming broadcast!

The BEG youngest member shares her story in the program and reveals that her first love was actually her junior high school science teacher.

GaIn,”The teacher was so cool, like a movie star. So, I secretly had a crush”, she said.

She continues,” I wasn’t visible to him, but I am blessed as a student and I also like his voice, “she recalled.
When asked if she meets her first love again after 10 years, GaIn answers,” I am still excited to see my teacher. I feel like being a junior high school student again, “she said.

GaIn’s first love story will be aired on Feb 7th,2010 at 11:15 KST.


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[KPOP] T-ARA’s SoYeon is Cured From H1N1!

I’m glad she’s better now! Expecially since they are going to start promoting a new song soon. T-ARA Hwaiting!

T-ara’s Soyeon has officially recovered from the H1N1 virus.

Soyeon was confirmed with swine flu back in January, when she was taken to the hospital after fainting on the set of ‘God of Study.’ Because she was diagnosed with swine flu, Soyeon was not able to finish the filming of her cameo apperance on the drama and T-ara’s promotional activities were set back.

Soyeon stated, “I want to apologize for worrying my members and fans. I will make up for my absence by preparing and working hard for our next repackaged album, ‘Breaking Heart.’” As reported earlier, Wheesung will be part of this album as the songwriter of title track, ‘I go crazy because of you ‘ (너 때문에 미쳐).

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[KPOP] CN Blue’s Bluetory Means Blue Bird?

Wow, coincidence much? Oh well, that “plagiarized” song is topping the charts anyway. I hope it’ll continue like that and not hurt the boys in the future.

The new group CN Blue is swept in the tides again with the fact that they have also copied the album title from Ynot after the song as well. Currently, CN Blue is in fight against the copyright issues with the song ‘Blue bird’ from the group Ynot. The rhythm pattern and the melody of the chorus matching in the two songs was the cause of it.
According to Ynot, they stated that FNC Music, the management company for CN Blue, asked the composers Kim DoHoon and Lee SangHo to apologize about the matter, but it the issue seemed to be calming down solely because there hasn’t been any more actions from CN Blue.

However, the netizens are raising the matter once again by claiming that CN Blue’s album title ‘Bluetory’ actually means ‘Blue bird’. According to these netizens, ‘Bluetory’ is a mix up with the word “blue” and “tory” which means “bird” in Japanese.

CN Blue’s management, FNC Music replied that the album title ‘Bluetory’ was purely made up by the president of the company and that it represents CN Blue with the “blue” and the pure Korean word “tory.” They also added that “tory” stands for the “music specialty that each area has” and ‘Bluetory’ in general means that “CN Blue will be showing their own color in the music industry.”

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[KPOP] U-KISS ‘빙글빙글’ (Round and Round) MV out!

First Version:

Second Version:

Honestly, what was the difference between the first and second version? Maybe it’s just me, but i don’t see it. The first verson is the ‘clean’ version and the second is the ‘dirty’ version. Why have a dirty version if they’re only shirtless for around 10 seconds? Ah, whatever, like i care. >.< At least it’s eye candy!

but omgooooshhh~ current obsession = KiSeop! ❤ that boy is h-a-w-capital T! XP


Cutie! 😀

U-KISS pic spam under the cut! MAJOR image heavy xD.

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[KPOP] BEG GaIn’s confession

Aw~ ^.^ I really hope they date in real life (*coughifthey’renotalreadycough*)! BEG seems to get away with a lot of things without the fans causing an uproar. 😀

Gain of the Brown Eyed Girls has confessed that her “heart flutters” when she sees her virtual husband 2AM Jo Kwon.

The two people are currently appearing as a virtual couple in MBC’s “We Got Married Season 2″ and were named the “Adam Couple” by viewers due to their short heights.

2AM’S Seulong participated in a recording of “Sebawki” on the afternoon of the 4th at Gyungkido Ilsan MBC Dream Center and called Gain during the “DajjaGojja Speed Quiz” corner.

Gain said about Seulong “He is a friend that I get along with well. He is the only member that Jo Kwon is not jealous of” and asked “Is Kwon there right now?” she asked suspiciously, making the participants laugh.

“Have you thought of Seulong as a man?” asked MC Park Misun and Gain answered “I’ve been good friends with Seulong for a long time so he doesn’t make my heart flutter at all and only Jo Kwon does” which grabbed the attention of the participants.

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[KPOP] Fanclub Names?

Just for fun. ^^

 In the k-pop world, each group has their own fanclub name. So what tag would you be? Have fun combining names together like i do XD

*If a name is missing please tell me!

 *I’m still trying to find all the meanings. ^^

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