[KPOP] Battle of the Idol Groups is on!

sorry for no updates in a while T_T hopefully this makes up for it! ^^

Last year with the flood of new groups debuting, this year is the battle of the idol groups! And seeing as the cute concepts have dissapeared, they’re comming back with the matured image!

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[KPOP] SNSD Dating Rule “We Can’t Keep it a Secret”

In KBS 2TV’s “Sweet Night” which aired February 7th, SNSD had their Ideal World Cup.

Hyoyeon stated, “We have a specific rule for dating in SNSD. Even if we get a boyfriend, we can’t keep it a secret between each other.” As many questioned about the rule, she included, “By giving each other information, we won’t have to overlap crushes.”

SNSD members have a war when it comes to male celebrities not just in real life, but in dreams as well. Jessica mentioned, “I recently had a dream about Go Soo, and had an argument with Sooyoung (who likes Go Soo).”

In addition, Yuri caused the studio to burst out in laughter by saying, “Since we have a lot of members, we can’t like the same people. We even have to get permission to dream about them.”

On a side note, Tiffany, while looking at Taecyeon(2PM)’s picture from when he was young, mentioned that his ears are big. She said, “I still only see his ears when I’m watching him perform.”

Credit: Sosiz
Translation: typicalharu @ soshified.com/forums

[KPOP] Welcome MC Sulli!

f(x) member Sulli did a special dance stage on SBS Inkigayo on February 7th. This was for her new position as MC for the show along with 2PM TaecYeon and WooYoung. It was said that Sulli was chosen for her bright and adorable personality.

She incorporated Kpop hit dances such as ‘Oh!’ and ‘Genie’ by SNSD, ‘Sorry Sorry’ by Super Junior, ‘Ring Ding Dong’ by SHINee, ‘Abracadabra’ by the Brown Eyed Girls, ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ by T-ARA, ‘Mister’ by KARA, ‘Again and Again’ by 2PM, ‘Because of You’ by After School, etc. Along with her own groups songs ‘Chu’ and ‘La chA TA’.

MC cuts are under the cut!

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[KPOP] Who is SHINee MinHo’s Favorite SNSD Member?

On the recent episode of Star King aired on Febuary 6th, SHINee’s MinHo is forced to choose his favorite SNSD member. Choosing in a member vs. member style, the final two was SeoHyun vs. Yuri. In the end he chose SeoHyun.

Everyone loves maknae these days. ^^

[KPOP] New Group? ‘SHINee Girl’s’

Recently a Netizen uploaded a photo of SHINee’s faces merged with SNSD.

Onew = YuRi
MinHo = SooYoung
TaeMin = Tiffany
Key = Jessica
JongHyun = SeoHyun

[KPOP] SM Entertainment Singers Fight on Star King

What kind of fighting am I talking about? Pillow Fights! On the Febuary 6th episode of Star King, SM Entertainment singers SNSD’s SooYoung and SeoHyun, SHINee’s Minho, and Super Junior’s LeeTeuk and EunHyuk fought against eachother in a pillow fight battle.

SooYoung vs. SeoHyun:

Go under the cut for the other fights!

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[KPOP] Arirang’s Top 5 maknae who are better than the oldest group member!

Arirang World recently counted down to ‘where the youngest member excedes the oldest in a team.’ Who is the number 1 maknae?

The canadates are: SS501’s HyungJoon who is jealous of Leader HyunJoong’s popularity, 2PM’s old maknae ChanSung, U-KISS DongHo who is on KBS’s Invincible Baseball team, Brown Eyed Girls GaIn who is “married” to 2AM’s Jo Kwon, and SNSD’s talented member SeoHyun!

video credit: arirangworld

[KPOP] 2AM is Beastly Idols Too!

4-member vocal male group 2AM reveals their wish to be seen as beastly idols too.

The group was on ‘Guerrilla Concert’ on KBS 2TV Entertainment Relay aired on 6th February when they said, “Our body (build) is better than 2PM’s. Now we are also beastly idols.”

They added, “In the past 10 months, the burden and worries piled up, but when our new song was released, it was all-kill on charts.” revealing their excitement about their comeback song.

Also member JinWoon also revealed that he likes girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun, “I changed the computer password to ‘SeoHyun Jjang’.”


cr: K Bites

[KPOP] SNSD Says ‘Oh!’ in 9 different languages

Ha, subtitled in 9 languages and there is 9 SNSD members xD. Glad they’re so popular!


The music video has been subtitled in 9 different languages including English and Japanese – the reaction to the MV is beyond expectation

SNSD came back and the world watched it.

“Oh!”, the title song of SNSD’s second album, met with worldwide fans via YouTube.

“Oh!” MV, released on Jan 27th, is spreading over the world with subtitles of different languages. The confirmed number of subtitles as of February 2nd is 8, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, Malay, Vietnamese and Thai, and SNSD is thus meeting with worldwide Netizens. This is exceptional given that the release was less than 10 days ago.

Management personnel said, “It appears that the fans have inserted the subtitles voluntarily. We expect that these subtitled versions will increase as SNSD activities go along further.” The reaction to the Oh! MV is beyond the expectations of YouTube, a world renowned on-line video site. The number of site visits on the 2nd recorded 1.8 million viewers. In addition, when Oh! was released on Jan 30th in MBC Music Core, it demonstrated its preserving strength by being ranked as the most popular MV in many Asian countries including Japan.

SNSD’s new song, Oh!, is sweeping the on and off-line charts. It swept the top spot of all real time daily, weekly and monthly charts including Melon, Lunch Box, Cyworld, Album Statistics Site, Hanteo Information System, etc.

Source: [LINK]

Translator: Seohyun_is_Best@soshified.com

[KPOP] SNSD and K.Will on TaeYeon’s Chin Chin Radio!

SNSD appeared on fellow member TaeYeon’s Chin Chin Radio on Febuary 5th. 7 SNSD members (TaeYeon, YoonA, HyoYeon, YuRi, Tiffany, Jessica, and SeoHyun) were present, along with artist K.Will. They sang their recent hit song ‘Oh!’ along with ‘Talk to Me’ and ‘Day by Day.’

Part 1: Leader Taengoo is sick. T_T

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