[KPOP] MBLAQ at Star King Recording



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[KPOP] Kpop Idols Speak English on Star Golden Bell

On the February 6th episode of Star Golden Bell, 2AM, MBLAQ, and BEG’s Narsha just to name a few, played an English game!

LOL Joon pretty much failed until the end. xD Notice im biased to him yet? lol. ^^ 

[KPOP] Limbo Battle: 2AM Jo Kwon vs. MBLAQ Lee Joon

On a recent broadcast of MBC’s World Changing Quiz, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and 2AM’s Jo Kwon duked it off in –what else?– a limbo battle, much to the delight of many fans.

Both contestants were strong contenders in this match, so the outcome was up in the air until the ending. Jo Kwon has proven his flexibility with his ssanti skills and exercises. Supposedly, Lee Joon’s limbo skills were passed down from the singer’s senior idol Rain; after showing off his body and back in the past, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for Lee Joon to show off his impressive limbo skills as well.

cr: allkpop

LOL this was epic xD. Too bad Joon lost, but congrats to the king of ssanti Kwon. ^^

[KPOP] MBLAQ Mir “My Heart Flutters When I See…”

lol oh wow Mir. xD Obsessive fan much? Aw, but it’s cute. ^^ And Danny Ahn is really handsome. 😀

Some G.O.D MV’s under the cut. xD

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[KPOP] MBLAQ’s Joon and SeungHo Dance on Sebakwi

Joon and SeungHo from MBLAQ dance to their debut song ‘Oh Yeah’ on the February 6th episode of Sebakwai. Enjoy some shirt lifting and voice imitation from Joon and a solo dance from SeungHo.

Ah~ Joon’s a cutie~. SeungHo’s dance was jjang! 😀

[KPOP] J.ea’s “Even If We Can’t Speek of the End” MV featuring MBLAQ’s G.O. Revealed!


Earlier this week we reported of Korean R&B artist J.ae’s return to the kpop scene after a three year long hiatus. Her latest album spoiled us silly with mellow beats and soothing vocals, but a recent behind the scenes video featuring J.ae and MBLAQ’s very own G.O offers us some visuals to go along with everything else. The MV basically shows the two singers during their recording process of the song, with a short message from G.O towards the end. Check it out below!

cr: Allkpop
Video Credit: absolutelymblaq

[KPOP] MBLAQ’s Joon Broke His Nose While Filming Ninja Assassin

Ah, sounds painful T_T. Glad he’s better now!