[KPOP] J.ea’s “Even If We Can’t Speek of the End” MV featuring MBLAQ’s G.O. Revealed!


Earlier this week we reported of Korean R&B artist J.ae’s return to the kpop scene after a three year long hiatus. Her latest album spoiled us silly with mellow beats and soothing vocals, but a recent behind the scenes video featuring J.ae and MBLAQ’s very own G.O offers us some visuals to go along with everything else. The MV basically shows the two singers during their recording process of the song, with a short message from G.O towards the end. Check it out below!

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Video Credit: absolutelymblaq

[KPOP] Who is SHINee MinHo’s Favorite SNSD Member?

On the recent episode of Star King aired on Febuary 6th, SHINee’s MinHo is forced to choose his favorite SNSD member. Choosing in a member vs. member style, the final two was SeoHyun vs. Yuri. In the end he chose SeoHyun.

Everyone loves maknae these days. ^^

[KPOP] New Group? ‘SHINee Girl’s’

Recently a Netizen uploaded a photo of SHINee’s faces merged with SNSD.

Onew = YuRi
MinHo = SooYoung
TaeMin = Tiffany
Key = Jessica
JongHyun = SeoHyun

[KPOP] Wonder Girls New Member Lim’s First Performance

New Wonder Girls member HyeRim (Lim) has her first performance as a part of the Wonder Girls on Febuary 5th in Sanya Hainan, China for a Sony Ericsson event. Leaving member SunMi wasn’t present as she was still in America preparing for the remains of her schedual as a Wonder Girls member. Her replacement HyeRim filled in her place.

The girls sang previous hits such as ‘So Hot’, ‘Saying I Love You’, ‘Tell Me’, and ‘NoBody’  in English!

Fancams are under the cut!

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[KPOP] SM Entertainment Singers Fight on Star King

What kind of fighting am I talking about? Pillow Fights! On the Febuary 6th episode of Star King, SM Entertainment singers SNSD’s SooYoung and SeoHyun, SHINee’s Minho, and Super Junior’s LeeTeuk and EunHyuk fought against eachother in a pillow fight battle.

SooYoung vs. SeoHyun:

Go under the cut for the other fights!

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[KPOP] Arirang’s Top 5 maknae who are better than the oldest group member!

Arirang World recently counted down to ‘where the youngest member excedes the oldest in a team.’ Who is the number 1 maknae?

The canadates are: SS501’s HyungJoon who is jealous of Leader HyunJoong’s popularity, 2PM’s old maknae ChanSung, U-KISS DongHo who is on KBS’s Invincible Baseball team, Brown Eyed Girls GaIn who is “married” to 2AM’s Jo Kwon, and SNSD’s talented member SeoHyun!

video credit: arirangworld

[KPOP] SHINee’s Onew Reveals His Key to Studying

LOL Dubu Leader sounds like me. Well, the falling asleep in class part anyway. xD

On the episode of SBS’s “Quiz! The Sixth Sense” that will be aired on February 7th, Onew revealed the instance in which he was second-best in the entire school in his third year of high school when they were discussing the topic of “School Life”. He also said, “If you study very seriously and constantly, you will receive a good result no matter what.”

Onew said, “The effects of studying right before dawn is especially good,” thus revealing his trick for studying. “Because I studied until dawn, I was very tired and would fall asleep at school,” he joked.

SHINee member Jonghyun added on that he didn’t know about Onew’s good result in school, but went on to compliment Onew and said, “He’s good at school and is really well-mannered/polite, but still manages to stay humble and modest.”

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