[KPOP] Kpop Idols Speak English on Star Golden Bell

On the February 6th episode of Star Golden Bell, 2AM, MBLAQ, and BEG’s Narsha just to name a few, played an English game!

LOL Joon pretty much failed until the end. xD Notice im biased to him yet? lol. ^^ 

[KPOP] 2AM for Pepsi Cola!

No matter what, both Coke and Pepsi will sell. ^^

The brother groups of JYP Entertainment, 2PM and 2AM, have become the blue chip of the advertisement world. Advertisements for cola have been known to pick only the hottest stars for their models.

On the 8th, an associate stated that 2AM has recently signed on to a contract with Pepsi Cola. There have also been rumors that since Coca Cola, a rival company, held 2PM as their model, they, too, have decided to use their brother group 2AM for their own. This associate stated, “They will be going into recording within this week. We’ll be able to see their advertisements around mid March.”

2PM has already finished their recording at the end of January with a one year contract. 2PM’s advertisements will go on air towards the mid, or end of this month. The two brother groups have been attracting attention as to who will receive the most love.

Pepsi and Coca Cola also had a rivalry last year, using the popular stars of ‘Boys Over Flowers,’ Lee Minho and Kim Hyunjoong.

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[KPOP] Limbo Battle: 2AM Jo Kwon vs. MBLAQ Lee Joon

On a recent broadcast of MBC’s World Changing Quiz, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and 2AM’s Jo Kwon duked it off in –what else?– a limbo battle, much to the delight of many fans.

Both contestants were strong contenders in this match, so the outcome was up in the air until the ending. Jo Kwon has proven his flexibility with his ssanti skills and exercises. Supposedly, Lee Joon’s limbo skills were passed down from the singer’s senior idol Rain; after showing off his body and back in the past, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for Lee Joon to show off his impressive limbo skills as well.

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LOL this was epic xD. Too bad Joon lost, but congrats to the king of ssanti Kwon. ^^

[KPOP] 2AM Wins First Mutizen Award Since Debut!

2Am’s debut was July 11, 2008. They have been quite popular since their debut as part of ‘Oneday’ along with 2PM. Along with brother group 2PM, 2AM’s popularity is on the rise! That was proven to be true today when they won their first ever award on a music show 1 year and 7 months into their debut!

Currently promoting their comeback song ‘Can’t Let You Go Even if I Die’, 2AM beat out singers like SNSD, Kim JongKook, Gavy NJ, CN Blue, along with others.

Performance under the cut!

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[KPOP] 2AM Jo Kwon and SeulOng’s ‘Dirty Candy’

On the February 6th episode of Sebakwi, Kwon and SeulOng appempt dancing to “My Ears Candy” by Baek JiYoung & 2PM member TaecYeon.

LOL XD.Oooh, i spy Joon! When i find MBLAQ cuts i’ll post them up!

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[KPOP] Arirang’s Top 5 maknae who are better than the oldest group member!

Arirang World recently counted down to ‘where the youngest member excedes the oldest in a team.’ Who is the number 1 maknae?

The canadates are: SS501’s HyungJoon who is jealous of Leader HyunJoong’s popularity, 2PM’s old maknae ChanSung, U-KISS DongHo who is on KBS’s Invincible Baseball team, Brown Eyed Girls GaIn who is “married” to 2AM’s Jo Kwon, and SNSD’s talented member SeoHyun!

video credit: arirangworld

[KPOP] 2AM is Beastly Idols Too!

4-member vocal male group 2AM reveals their wish to be seen as beastly idols too.

The group was on ‘Guerrilla Concert’ on KBS 2TV Entertainment Relay aired on 6th February when they said, “Our body (build) is better than 2PM’s. Now we are also beastly idols.”

They added, “In the past 10 months, the burden and worries piled up, but when our new song was released, it was all-kill on charts.” revealing their excitement about their comeback song.

Also member JinWoon also revealed that he likes girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun, “I changed the computer password to ‘SeoHyun Jjang’.”


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[KPOP] BEG GaIn’s confession

Aw~ ^.^ I really hope they date in real life (*coughifthey’renotalreadycough*)! BEG seems to get away with a lot of things without the fans causing an uproar. 😀

Gain of the Brown Eyed Girls has confessed that her “heart flutters” when she sees her virtual husband 2AM Jo Kwon.

The two people are currently appearing as a virtual couple in MBC’s “We Got Married Season 2″ and were named the “Adam Couple” by viewers due to their short heights.

2AM’S Seulong participated in a recording of “Sebawki” on the afternoon of the 4th at Gyungkido Ilsan MBC Dream Center and called Gain during the “DajjaGojja Speed Quiz” corner.

Gain said about Seulong “He is a friend that I get along with well. He is the only member that Jo Kwon is not jealous of” and asked “Is Kwon there right now?” she asked suspiciously, making the participants laugh.

“Have you thought of Seulong as a man?” asked MC Park Misun and Gain answered “I’ve been good friends with Seulong for a long time so he doesn’t make my heart flutter at all and only Jo Kwon does” which grabbed the attention of the participants.

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