[KPOP] MBLAQ at Star King Recording



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[KPOP] U-KISS ‘빙글빙글’ (Round and Round) MV out!

First Version:

Second Version:

Honestly, what was the difference between the first and second version? Maybe it’s just me, but i don’t see it. The first verson is the ‘clean’ version and the second is the ‘dirty’ version. Why have a dirty version if they’re only shirtless for around 10 seconds? Ah, whatever, like i care. >.< At least it’s eye candy!

but omgooooshhh~ current obsession = KiSeop! ❤ that boy is h-a-w-capital T! XP


Cutie! 😀

U-KISS pic spam under the cut! MAJOR image heavy xD.

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