[KPOP] Kpop Idols Speak English on Star Golden Bell

On the February 6th episode of Star Golden Bell, 2AM, MBLAQ, and BEG’s Narsha just to name a few, played an English game!

LOL Joon pretty much failed until the end. xD Notice im biased to him yet? lol. ^^ 

[KPOP] SNSD Dating Rule “We Can’t Keep it a Secret”

In KBS 2TV’s “Sweet Night” which aired February 7th, SNSD had their Ideal World Cup.

Hyoyeon stated, “We have a specific rule for dating in SNSD. Even if we get a boyfriend, we can’t keep it a secret between each other.” As many questioned about the rule, she included, “By giving each other information, we won’t have to overlap crushes.”

SNSD members have a war when it comes to male celebrities not just in real life, but in dreams as well. Jessica mentioned, “I recently had a dream about Go Soo, and had an argument with Sooyoung (who likes Go Soo).”

In addition, Yuri caused the studio to burst out in laughter by saying, “Since we have a lot of members, we can’t like the same people. We even have to get permission to dream about them.”

On a side note, Tiffany, while looking at Taecyeon(2PM)’s picture from when he was young, mentioned that his ears are big. She said, “I still only see his ears when I’m watching him perform.”

Credit: Sosiz
Translation: typicalharu @ soshified.com/forums

[KPOP] Limbo Battle: 2AM Jo Kwon vs. MBLAQ Lee Joon

On a recent broadcast of MBC’s World Changing Quiz, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and 2AM’s Jo Kwon duked it off in –what else?– a limbo battle, much to the delight of many fans.

Both contestants were strong contenders in this match, so the outcome was up in the air until the ending. Jo Kwon has proven his flexibility with his ssanti skills and exercises. Supposedly, Lee Joon’s limbo skills were passed down from the singer’s senior idol Rain; after showing off his body and back in the past, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for Lee Joon to show off his impressive limbo skills as well.

cr: allkpop

LOL this was epic xD. Too bad Joon lost, but congrats to the king of ssanti Kwon. ^^

[KPOP] MBLAQ Mir “My Heart Flutters When I See…”

lol oh wow Mir. xD Obsessive fan much? Aw, but it’s cute. ^^ And Danny Ahn is really handsome. 😀

Some G.O.D MV’s under the cut. xD

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[KPOP] MBLAQ’s Joon and SeungHo Dance on Sebakwi

Joon and SeungHo from MBLAQ dance to their debut song ‘Oh Yeah’ on the February 6th episode of Sebakwai. Enjoy some shirt lifting and voice imitation from Joon and a solo dance from SeungHo.

Ah~ Joon’s a cutie~. SeungHo’s dance was jjang! 😀

[KPOP] 2AM Jo Kwon and SeulOng’s ‘Dirty Candy’

On the February 6th episode of Sebakwi, Kwon and SeulOng appempt dancing to “My Ears Candy” by Baek JiYoung & 2PM member TaecYeon.

LOL XD.Oooh, i spy Joon! When i find MBLAQ cuts i’ll post them up!

video credit: UnknownCarrot

[KPOP] Who is SHINee MinHo’s Favorite SNSD Member?

On the recent episode of Star King aired on Febuary 6th, SHINee’s MinHo is forced to choose his favorite SNSD member. Choosing in a member vs. member style, the final two was SeoHyun vs. Yuri. In the end he chose SeoHyun.

Everyone loves maknae these days. ^^