[KPOP] All CN Blue members like noonas?

Aw, I’m younger than all of them. D:

The CN Blue members, who are sweeping the charts in less than 2 weeks of their debut, stated that they all prefer older women.

On the second of February at 12pm, on Choi HwaJung’s Power Time radio, the DJ asked them if they are more attracted to older or younger women to find out their personal styles, and all the members replied, “older women.”

Lee JungShin stated, “People who are younger than me I think won’t be able to lead me, so I’m a bit scared about that.” Lee JongHyun replied, “Maybe it’s because all the women I have dated until now was older, I think my ideal girl is someone sophisticated that I lean on to.”

Kang MinHyuk said, “I like noonas because I have a sister and since I don’t have that much money, I like noonas that buys me yummy things.” The leader Jung YongHwa stated, “Actually I don’t really mind older or yonger women, but I will choose older women for our teamwork.”

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[KPOP] Who are KARA’s JiYoung and GyuRi’s Best Friends?

KARA leader Park GyuRi and Magnae Kang JiYoung reveals their celebrity best friends when guesting in SUKIRA.

KARA JiYoung confirms her good relationship with f(X)’s Sulli and Krystal as well as with 4minute SoHyun. Whilst KARA GyuRi says that her celeb best friends are from the ‘88 line and they are YounHa, YooBin, UEE and KARA SeungYeon.

Then, the funny part happened when GyuRi add another best friend onto her list after receiving a text message from one celebrity!

cr: K Bites
Video cr: SweetMelodix2

[KPOP] SNSD and K.Will on TaeYeon’s Chin Chin Radio!

SNSD appeared on fellow member TaeYeon’s Chin Chin Radio on Febuary 5th. 7 SNSD members (TaeYeon, YoonA, HyoYeon, YuRi, Tiffany, Jessica, and SeoHyun) were present, along with artist K.Will. They sang their recent hit song ‘Oh!’ along with ‘Talk to Me’ and ‘Day by Day.’

Part 1: Leader Taengoo is sick. T_T

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[KPOP] CN Blue at Hong JinKyung’s Cool FM!

eeeeep~ CN Blue~ 😀 Ah, sorry, fangirl moment. ^^ MinHyuk is so far my favorite member, but the all time favorite goes to the ex-member KwangJin.

He was there for the first couple of months when they debut in Japan, then he suddenly left and JungShin replaced him. Not complaing though, I like JungShin too~. But i miss KwangJin T_T. Hopefully he’ll return soon! (Maybe with ex-FT Islander WonBin? Hopefully!)

Anyway! Back on topic!!

CN Blue appeared on Hong JinKyung’s Cool FM on the 5th of Febuary. They performed own songs ‘Love Reveloution’, ‘Loner’, while JongHyun and YongHwa did a cover of ‘Drive’ by Incubus.

Vids are under the cut!

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