[KPOP] T-ARA Is a Disgrace at a Recent Event?

Well, the outfits were kinda… eh.. and the dancing to ‘Like the First Time’…. well, it’s not like they had any other choice but to perform the song and wear the outfits… but they still could’ve gotten the name right… ah i’m a biased fan >.

Girlgroup T-ara is said to have been a disgrace for saying the wrong things and wearing over-revealing clothes at a volleyball court recently.

NH Agricultural Association 2009∼2010 V League men and women’s all star match opened on 7th February in Seoul JangChung Gym. With the best volleyball players coming together in one place, T-ara was invited to do the congratulatory performance that day.

The girls were greatly welcomed by the audience, but amidst their entrance, many families were taken aback by the girls revealing their thighs through their mini dresses and shiny stockings, and their dance for the performance with all the children watching on.
The OSEN reporter at the event said, “The dresses were too short. I don’t know if they have forgotten that they are at a Sunday volleyball match event with many children present.”

The girls also made a mistake in what they said during the event, they are supposed to be there for congratulatory performance at a volleyball all-star match, but during their speech they quoted the wrong name for the event.

It can be seen that with the recent topics about girlgroup’s performing costumes and MV content, the girls’ performance that day had brought more people’s attention to the issue.

S: Osen
cr: K Bites

video credit: VagabondHD


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